To sustain and enhance Jewish Life at Home and Around the World.
PJ Library
Ensuring a happy, healthy, Jewish future for our children is something we all want. That's why Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City helps funds programs like PJ Library. PJ Library provides free books and programs to approximately 750 Jewish families in the Greater Kansas City area.
PJ Library, a national initiative of The Harold Grinspoon Foundation, seeks to reach Jewish families with children, ages six months to eight years, by sending free, high quality, age appropriate Jewish children’s books and music, as well as parenting resource into families’ homes each month. Over 140 communities are involved in PJ Library. Each community raises funds to provide this program free of charge to local children and their parents. Additionally, the Kansas City PJ Library offers monthly family programming.

PJ Library programs seek to increase the number of unaffiliated, under-engaged and interfaith families who are involved in the Jewish community (JCC, Jewish preschools and/or congregational membership). PJ Library provides families with the tools, resources and information they need to explore Judaism in the privacy of their homes. The program turns snuggly bedtime moments into Jewish moments and connects young Jewish families to each other as well as the larger organized Jewish community.

Each year PJ Library provides free books to over 750 families in the Kansas City area.

For more information on PJ Library contact Andi Milens, Director of Engagement & Leadership Development, 913.327.8108.
PJ Library
Help children’s sense of Jewish identity grow strong during their first 8 years by sending Jewish-themed books and CDs each month.