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Meet Daniel Rivin - Kansas City Israel Emissary

Daniel Rivin, 24, is from Holon, Israel, and is the first generation of his family born in Israel (the family made Aliyah from the former Soviet Union in 1991).

After high school, Daniel participated in a pre-army program for zionist leadership. As a part of the annual program, he worked as a teen counselor in Kibbutz Kramim in the Negev. During this year, he learned a lot about education, politics, Zionism and Judaism.

Daniel then served as a medic in an IDF combat unit on the Gaza border, protecting the people living in southern Israel.

Following the completion of his army service, Daniel worked as a counselor at summer camp attended by children from various countries all over the globe and, most recently, with a program for the disabled. His experience also includes assisting the blind and Holocaust survivors, and teaching Hebrew to children who made Aliyah.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys traveling, reading books, going to the theater, listening to podcasts, and hanging out with friends and family. Daniel is excited to be here and to get to know the Kansas City Jewish community.

To contact Daniel, email him at or 913.327.8124.