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Greg Smith, 37

blooom (no spelling error!) is a 27 person startup company, founded and headquartered in Leawood.  Greg joined the company in May of 2015 as President. blooom competed with 376 other companies to win the Kauffman Foundation's "One in a Million" competition for startups nationwide, and was named the "#1 Kansas City Startup to Watch in 2016" by Startland News, and one of the ten most innovative personal finance companies in the world for 2015 by Fast Company.
Their mission is to meaningfully improve the retirement prospects of millions of middle class Americans who can no longer rely on guaranteed pensions and have to deal with a retirement system that bewilders most people in to making bad decisions or never beginning to save money in the first place. Greg is the author of an Op-Ed and New York Times Bestselling book “Why I Left Goldman Sachs”, and he’s advised legislators, regulators, pension officials, and corporate executives on financial policy and fiduciary duty. He has a Stanford economics degree and 11 years of Wall Street experience advising Sovereign Wealth Funds, Mutual Funds and Pension Funds.

Profession: President of blooom

My cause: I am extremely proud of my Jewish heritage, and I love current events, politics, movies, helping people with personal finance.
Thoughts about K.C.: I am amazed at how much civic pride exists in K.C. and how many people move back to this great place after working or studying in other cities. I am from South Africa, lived in California for college, then NYC and London for work, and can say that the pride in this town is unique and special.

Kansas City needs: to continue to fuel the great momentum that the city's innovation and startup scene has. What is so unique about this place is we can see the ball clearly and are not constantly hearing the noise in Silicon Valley and on the East Coast about how a problem "should be solved," which leads to a lot of group think, and few truly unique solutions. K.C. has the potential to really put ourselves on the map as a national driver of innovation.

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