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Rabbi Daniel Rockoff, 39

Within a relatively short tenure in Kansas City, Rabbi Rockoff has helped turn Congregation BIAV into a young, vibrant, and burgeoning community. He has spearheaded the development of the Matmidim program at HBHA, creating a viable educational option that enables Orthodox families to stay in the community, and attracts new families to the community from across the country. His professional and personal life has been deeply dedicated to pushing the greater community forward and strengthening its institutions in a constructive, collaborative way, bringing Jewish values and Torah more deeply into the fabric of KC's Jewish community. 

Rabbi Rockoff sits on the Rabbinical Association of Kansas City (he is currently finishing a two year term as President) and is the Rav HaMachshir (supervising rabbi) of the Vaad HaKashruth of Kansas City, the Overland Park Eruv, the Kansas City Community Mikvah, and the Chevra Kadisha.

He lives in Overland Park with his wife, Dr. Ayala Zoltan Rockoff, and their four children.

Profession: Rabbi at Congregation BIAV

How I give back: :  I am inspired by what the community does for my family and countless others to create a robust Jewish life in Kansas City.  This inspiration encourages me to constantly reach out and connect, whether through welcoming guests to my home on Shabbat and holidays, serving on the boards of community organizations, or teaching stories about the weekly Torah portion to preschoolers at the JCC. 

Kansas City needs: to continue to learn from other Jewish communities around the country and the world about how to most effectively engage individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds in connecting to Jewish life through study, prayer and communal service. Kansas City needs to be a center for initiatives in this country and around the world for how effective collaboration and respect can galvanize resources to revolutionize models in Jewish communal living. Kansas City also needs a professional basketball team!

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