Jewish Federation reaches BCE Goals

  • From Left: Todd Stettner, Executive Vice President & CEO, Jewish Federation, Lisa Bernard, Women's Division Campaign Co-Chair, Gail Weinberg, Miriam Scharf, President, Jewish Federation, David Gale, 2012 Campaign Co-Chair, Diane Azorsky, Associate Executive Director, Jewish Community Foundation, Joshua Sosland, President, Jewish Community Foundation and Board Member, Jewish Federation, and Polly Kramer, Campaign Chair.

    Jewish Federation received its final check from the Jewish Community Foundation's Bushman Community Endowment program for reaching its fifth-year goals in 2012. “We are thrilled to have met each of our endowment goals over the last five years, and we are very pleased and honored to be part of the BCE program,” said Gail Weinberg, Director of Financial Resource Development at the Jewish Federation, who was part of the group accepting the check from Jewish Community Foundation's Diane Azorsky, and JCF President, Joshua Sosland.