Miriam Scharf: One of Kansas City's 100 Most Influential People

  • Mazel tov to Jewish Federation Board President, Miriam Scharf, one of KC Magazine's 100!

    Excerpt from KC Magazine's "KC Magazine 100" (Feb. 2013 issue)
    A nurse by training, Scharf is the child of Holocaust survivors and considers Kansas City’s vibrant, energetic Jewish community a gem to be cherished and maintained. New York City native Scharf has served as president of the Women’s Division of the Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas and is currently president of the board of directors of the Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City. Scharf has helped raise millions in the community through various leadership positions over the years. Her clear-cut vision of engaging the Jewish community’s next generation in philanthropic endeavors through leadership and educational programs continue to build on that community’s future.

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