• With just 75 days left until December 23, the last candle of Hanukkah, the Jewish Federation Community Campaign is in high gear to finish strong, with a high level of participation!
  • Show your support and solidarity for Israel. Join our Kansas City Community for 6 or 10 days on this exciting and meaningful  journey to Israel.
  • Generous, patient and kind are just some of the words used by volunteers and staff who’ve worked with Bev Jacobson.
  • During the 2014 Jewish Federation Annual Meeting, there were many award presentations for a number of deserving individuals and organizations in our community. In addition, Federation Board Chair, Patricia Werthan Uhlmann, shared the many accomplishments Jewish Federation has experienced during the past year, as well as the outlook for our future.
  • There is a story of an elderly woman who sat alone in the back of the synagogue during High Holiday services. She waited until everyone had left before getting up from her seat. The woman stood before the ark and started to pray. “O Lord,” she began, “We ask You for so much during these many hours of prayer, and now I want to wish YOU something special for the New Year.
  • The Jewish Federation Women’s Philanthropy Circle of Chai – co-chaired by Jenny Isenberg and Joyce Pack – is a local women’s giving circle, made up of 50 women who pool their money and deliberate on where to use their dollars to make an impact.
  • What does it mean to be Jewish?  Listen to what these adorable youngsters have to say about it.
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