To sustain and enhance Jewish Life at Home and Around the World.
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A Backyard BBQ Like Never Before
Men of all ages are invited to network, enjoy Kosher Jack Stack BBQ and more.
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PJ Library Get Together grant program
$150 Get Together grants help build social connections and empower parents to offer Jewish experiences to share with their friends and other families.
JFED Family Pool Party
Splish Splash, it's a PJ Pool Party Bash
Join JFED Family and PJ Library on August 6 for fun in the pool, music, games, snacks, drinks, and more.
Welcome and Farewell

What is the Israel Emissary/Shlicha?

Shlichut is the Hebrew word meaning “sending out” or “commissioning people.” It refers to an outreach program that is initiated and participated by organizations, and in our case, it means our Israel Emissary program. The Israeli Emissary program are nationwide missions strongly based on the values of ideologies, education, and community.
Sponsored by the Jewish Agency for Israel, every two years a young adult from Israel is staffed at JFEDKC to operate an outreach program dedicated to promoting increased connections, a greater understanding of Israel, and our Jewish heritage.

Learn More About Schlichim.

We are happy to welcome our Israel Emissary, Shiran Cohen, to the JFEDKC team.

Meet Shiran

Watch Shiran's first American Hanukkah.

Why is having an Israel Emissary in Kansas City important?

The Kansas City Jewish community supports Israel as part of our community in connection with our sister cities, Ramla and the Gezer Region.

Bringing our community together to understand our relationship between Israel is part of our mission of enhancing and sustaining Jewish life at home and around the world.

What activities does the Israel Emissary host?

The Israel Emissary works with JFEDKC, synagogues, preschools, religious schools, youth groups, and other organizations, to create and promote Israel-related activities in Kansas City.

What is the purpose and goals of the Israel Emissary?

The Israel Emissary joins JFEDKC for one to two years. During that time the Israel Emissary is charged with building partnerships within the community and Israel, develop programs and events for all age groups, and supporting the education of Jewish culture and life.

Are you interested in becoming involved with the Israel Emissary?

For more information, contact our Israel Emissary, Shiran Cohen, 913.327.8124






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