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Travel Opportunities

Another important aspect of our Israel & Overseas agenda is experiential travel. The Jewish Federation offers a number of overseas opportunities from community missions to smaller “boutique” missions with specific areas of focus:

  • Kesherim Mission. Join Chair, Sandi Fried, and Women’s Philanthropy for an exciting lifestyle-focused mission to Israel. The Kesherim Mission, April 25 – May 2, 2017, will offer the opportunity for women in Kansas City to enjoy the best Israel has to offer. Click here to learn more.
  • Community missions to Israel. Community missions to Israel are offered approximately every two years and are open to all members of the community, including people not affiliated with the Jewish community. These missions are generally ten days in length and visit major sites around the country tailored to the group’s interests.
  • Israel & Overseas Committee site visit missions. We have an expression at the Federation, “The heart can’t feel what the eyes can’t see.” Every year the Israel & Overseas Committee reviews between 30 and 40 requests for funding and while they are exciting to read, there is nothing like seeing the programs in action.  Every other year members of the committee and other interested Federation leaders visit the projects we fund in Bulgaria, Romania and Israel.
  • Israel Together. The Jewish Federation encourages members of the community to approach us with exciting ideas for programming. Israel Together was a mission to Israel created by a group of emerging leaders in their 30’s and 40’s. They had an amazing experience and we would love to offer this type of mission on a regular basis.
  • Family missions. “One of the greatest experiences I have ever had was sharing Israel with my children and grandchildren!”  This is just one of many comments we receive after members of our community share the joy of traveling to Israel as a family.  Programs have included intimate nuclear family experiences to multi-family and friends Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations.
  • National missions. Although most of our missions are created by local staff and volunteer leadership, we are part of a continental organization known as the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), which offers a variety of unique travel experiences.
    • Heart-to-Heart. Sponsored by National Women’s Philanthropy, Heart-to-Heart brings women of all ages from throughout the United States and Canada for a unique experience of exploring, learning and fostering enduring bonds with women of the Federation movement. The missions visit different countries each year giving participants an opportunity to see first-hand the impact of our Federation dollars.  
    • Ben Gurion Society missions. The Ben Gurion Society is a national donor recognition society for young adults, ages 25-45. Each year, special travel experiences are offered to Ben Gurion Society members.
    • LGBTQ mission to Israel. This exciting new mission introduces North American Jewish leaders to their change-making peers in Israel and is part of increased outreach initiatives to LGBTQ communities.  Past missions have included extension options for the Tel Aviv Pride Parade immediately after the mission.

The Israel experience is unique to every individual.

Young Adult Travel Opportunities

Birthright Israel
Birthright Israel is a mission trip to Israel for young Jews across the world. This trip seeks to ensure the future of Jewish people by strengthening Jewish identity, communities, and connection with Israel.

The two primary objectives of Birthright Israel are to: Create a bond between Israel and Jewish communities worldwide and give a lasting impact on Jewish life.

Participants of Birthright Israel fosters an understanding and identification through the program by strengthening solidarity with Israeli young adults and their Jewish peers abroad.

The hope of the trips is to motivate young people to explore their Jewish identity, support for Israel, and to maintain long-lasting connections with Israeli’s. There’s also an alumni group world-wide to maintain connections throughout your life.

Ben Gurion Society Missions

The Ben Gurion Society is a national donor recognition society for young adults, ages 25-45. Each year, special travel experiences are offered to Ben Gurion Society members.

Missions & Overseas Travel

“The Heart Can’t Feel What The Eyes Can’t See.”

There are always opportunities through JFEDKC to learn, grow, and connect through missions.

For more information on the latest opportunities for missions contact Alan Edelman, Associate Executive Director, 913.327.8104.