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Remembering our past, building our future

Today, I welcome Beth Liss, Board Member, Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City, 2014-2015, and National Young Leadership Cabinet Co-Chair, Jewish Federations of North America, to my blog. I want to thank her for sharing her experiences with us.
I hope you enjoy reading about her incredible journey as much as I have!

-- Todd Stettner
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The Future Begins Today...Part 2

In a recent article, “Is Shavuot dead?" writer Rob Eshman states that people are not abandoning Judaism. He continues, “Just that where they find it wanting–whether institutions, liturgy or ideology–they are mixing, blending, bending and switching to create a Judaism that works for them.”
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The Future Begins Today

Most of the time my blogs are based on my experiences, something I have seen or something I read. Occasionally, I will relate stories of my travels or good news about things happening in our community.  As I begin the countdown toward the end of my tenure as President & CEO of this Federation, which I have been part of now for almost 16 years, I have taken to reflecting more and more about what has happened over this time.
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Why a Federation Gift?

The last few weeks have been busy with many of our partners' annual fundraising events. We understand that these are fundraising events for them, however, along with our foundation colleagues, we are amongst the agencies' largest benefactors.
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The Challenge of the Jewish College Student

In a prior blog I wrote about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement (BDS) plaguing some of our college campuses. While it is a concern, it isn’t the only issue facing Jewish students on college campuses today.
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