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From Kansas to France

There have been many blogs and emails this week concerning the tragedies in France. I have been wrestling with the issue of whether or not to add mine to this flood of commentary and analysis.
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L’hitraot Shari

A few months ago I reported on some staff changes at the Federation. As time rolls on other changes are happening and I wanted to report to you on one of them which will take place in the next ten days. Shari Stimetz, Assistant Federation Director is retiring after 34 years of service to our Jewish community.
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Am Yisroel Chai

Last week I attended a convention of all the Federations of North America, better known as the GA or General Assembly. This annual gathering not only attracts volunteers and professionals from Federations but many organizations, other non-profits and businesses from as far away as Israel, Europe and other points around the globe, who want to do work with the Federation system.
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Amazing, community building, complicated....

These were just some of the words used to describe the experience of the 17 participants on the recent Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City Community Mission to Israel. Over the course of 10 days last month, we traversed the country—south to north—by bus, jeep, ATV, boat, bike and on foot.
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A Message from Todd ... 10.24.14

Last time I shared with you some institutional changes taking place that impact our staff and programs. More is happening as I write this, but there is time to talk about it in future blogs. Today, I want to focus your thinking and my thoughts on the road ahead.
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