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All Israel, the Jewish people, one for the other

Recently Alan Gill, CEO of the American Jewish Joint Distribution (also known as JDC or “The Joint”), wrote a blog entitled American Jews Turning Inward? Not So Fast.
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When does it ever change?

Last year around this time, I was first alerting you to the terrible situation in the Ukraine. Here we are, a year later, and the struggle goes on.
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The Year That Was

“That was the year that was,” was a segment from a 1960’s comedy show.
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From Kansas to France

There have been many blogs and emails this week concerning the tragedies in France. I have been wrestling with the issue of whether or not to add mine to this flood of commentary and analysis.
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L’hitraot Shari

A few months ago I reported on some staff changes at the Federation. As time rolls on other changes are happening and I wanted to report to you on one of them which will take place in the next ten days. Shari Stimetz, Assistant Federation Director is retiring after 34 years of service to our Jewish community.
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